LaunchPath Intrapreneur

The simple way to catalyze, drive, and manage employee innovation.

Your organization needs to innovate to thrive.

Your employees have untapped innovation potential.

LaunchPath brings these into alignment.

How It Works

Define the Program

To rally your team’s best effort, and to ensure that they stay on track, it is imperative that you define your innovation program’s goals, policies, resources, and constraints. Sound daunting? LaunchPath makes it easy. Supported by a LaunchPath Consultant, simply select your preferences from a menu of options, and, just like that, your program is defined.


LaunchPath Intrapreneur comes with a fully-managed intrapreneur recruitment service consisting of a custom-tailored landing page and e-marketing campaign. Count on LaunchPath to ensure that every eligible employee has received the call to innovate.

Guide & Train

As would-be intrapreneurs enter the system, they are guided through a stage-gated innovation process designed in collaboration with Stanford University instructors. Comprehensive self-paced training supports this process each step of the way to ensure intrapreneurs have the skills they need to succeed.

Evaluate, Resource, & Reward

To advance from one stage of the process to the next, intrapreneurial teams submit a Stage Application that is evaluated by client-appointed judges. Successful applications move forward, earning incremental resources and rewards; unsuccessful applications are set back.


Using LaunchPath to continuously engage, guide, train, evaluate, resource, and reward your organization’s intrapreneurial talent, you will experience accelerating success as your employees:

  • Improve the efficiency and effectiveness of existing business operations,
  • Expand and extend current lines of business into new market niches, and
  • Create entirely new lines of business that will sustain your organization into the future.

Key Features

The Innovation Center

The Innovation Center is a workflow management system that guides intrapreneurs along the path to intrapreneurship, documents and archives key information associated with that journey, and delivers key innovation resources and rewards as they progress.

The Training Center

The Training Center is an online intrapreneur training program featuring ~20 hours of self-paced training that gives users the skills they need to complete each challenge presented along the path to intrapreneurship.

The Information Center

The Information Center precisely defines the innovation programs that are currently available, the policies that govern them, and the specific instructions that are required to operate within them.


This is where employers and employees can track the innovation performance stats of intrapreneurs, projects, departments, and the company as a whole.